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Somebody Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Guess who?

I can't believe the brouhaha over the Northwestern University women's lacrosse team wearing flip-flops and sandals while visiting President Bush at the White House.

You mean to tell me that there's nothing else going on in our world that we have to get bent out of shape over, other than a fashion faux pas? Yes, it is an honor to visit the White House, especially when getting an audience with the most powerful man in the free world, but come on, people!

We're having serious debates about a bunch of college kids wearing flip-flops. Hello.

The young women in question went 21-0 in a tough collegiate lacrosse season. In a world where professional athletes are doing steroids and high school coaches who are too tough on their teams are getting fired because mommy and daddy are upset that little Johnny's playing second, not short -- we should be talking about the women's accomplishments on the field as a major feat -- not their pedicured, exposed feet.

Now, I've Grrr'd some of the young women who work as summer interns who show up for work in flip-flops and miniskirts. That is inappropriate because they are vying for jobs after graduation, and dressing down and sexy is not the best way to be taken seriously.

But at the White House, they're not vying for anything.

They were there for a quick photo-op with the president, and so were 14 other teams, by the way. It's not like they were invited for an exclusive tour of the Oval Office.

And let's not forget that Bush has two daughters who have recently graduated from college themselves. I think it's refreshing that their contemporaries find the commander in chief, Barbara and Jenna's father -- so accessible that they would wear something as casual as flip-flops in his presence.

After all, the president and first lady Laura Bush are -- at least to me -- excellent role models as parents. Would your daughter wear flip-flops in front of you?

Let's also remember there's a heat wave going on here on the East Coast. In 100-degree weather, I bet even Bush was envious of his flip-flop-wearing guests.

You may argue that flip-flops are a little too casual, even sexy, and would be inappropriate at the White House -- but, of course, you-know-who is no longer prowling the halls looking for an intern to perform some extra-curricular activity (sorry, had to go there).

And speaking of President Clinton, when I was a page at CBS, I had the honor to escort him through the halls of the CBS Broadcast Center, and (gasp), I wore white socks with my page uniform! Now, I do cringe when I see this picture, but I turned out all right, and for the record, I was the only one who noticed. Clinton wasn't shaking his head in disappointment at my fashion faux pas.

You may also argue and even suggest that given the chance at an audience with the president of the United States, you would dress more formal. OK, here's an idea. Accomplish something remarkable. Sacrifice a part of yourself. Win a gold medal at the Olympics. Set a collegiate record. Come up with a cure for cancer or prevent a major terrorist attack.

Then you can dress any way you want for your photo opportunity. Until then, lighten up.

Suzanne Compares Bad Reviews to Iraq

"Three's Company" has-been Suzanne Somers (search), who makes her living as a motivational speaker, is very upset over the reviews she got from the New York theater critics who covered her one-woman show, "The Blonde in the Thunderbird."

"These men are curmudgeons, and maybe I went too close to the bone for them. I was lying there naked, and they decided to kick me and step on me, just like these visions you see in Iraq," said Somers, according to the New York Post.

Oh, boy. Another typical actress move. Yeah, let's compare my bad reviews to the war in Iraq.

This goes right to my point that people in the entertainment industry have to make everything about them. Just because Somers wrote a very personal play about her oh-so-tough life, all of the critics and the audience are supposed to bow down and commend her for being so brave?

Please. Get over it, Chrissy. Your life is no more interesting than anybody else's.

I don't mean to be mean to Ms. Somers, but comparing a bad review to war in Iraq has got to be the most immature thing I've ever read in my life. Grrrr!

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