Growing Old Gracefully

We had quite a few comments as well on our segment on older news anchors, specifically the hiring of supposedly put-out-to pasture workhorses like Louis Rukeyser at CNBC and Phil Donahue at MSNBC.

Seriously, I welcome these developments.

I have a serious problem with this mandatory age 65 retirement thing.

I think it's arbitrary. I think it's stupid. And I think it says something about our culture. We're so youth-obsessed, we don't even stop to think those before us, older than us and more experienced than us can teach all of us a lesson or two.

I've traveled a good bit and I can tell you that other countries don't treat its older folks that way. Certainly not in Japan, where they're revered. And not in my old salt, Italy, where they are protected. I guess it's a cultural thing.

There's a lot in America we do right. But there's a lot in America we do wrong.

Sluffing off older consumers is one thing we do very wrong.

Even though they have the money, clearly have the assets and most assuredly have the experience.

It's offensive and I think even Generation Xers agree.

After all, more than a few of them clearly like that 50-something Bill O'Reilly.

Age doesn't matter. Attitude does.

Rip Phil Donahue for his views — that's fair. Lay off him for his age. That's unfair.

We're all getting old, my friends. Doing so gracefully is our choice. Doing so ungracefully is theirs.

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