Griffs Notes 2/13/07

Last night was a huge party for Elvis. And I don’t mean the legendary King of Rock and Roll. Elvis is my four-legged best friend. He is an 800-pound Gorilla in a tiny Jack Russell terrier body that got his name on account of my being born and raised in Memphis. And for him, last night was the human equivalent of the Super Bowl – the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

It was cold and sleeting here in DC, but that didn’t stop us (me and Elvis) from setting up shop on the couch with leftover steak, milk bone dog treats, and Frosty Paws doggy ice cream for the annual parade of super pooches.

It’s rare that dogs watch or want to watch television. (And perhaps even weirder that dog owners want to watch their dogs watch television!) But somehow, Elvis realizes that it is a dog event and he thoroughly enjoys barking wildly at the screen. And honest to God, he really did bark enthusiastically for Harry, the funny looking Dandie Dinmont terrier who won his group last night.

Harry is, if you don’t already know, Comedian Bill Cosby’s dog. So it comes as no surprise that he’d steal the show. But Coz aside, the little fella was the cutest terrier with the biggest personality at Madison Square Garden. And tonight, Harry has a shot at the grand title of canine’s coveted trophy! (Cosby wasn’t present last night as he said he did not want to “jinx” the event.)

Back stage barking scoop from my secret source on scene told me that the crowd loved Harry and is emerging as the unofficial favorite for Best in Show – so perhaps the cat is in the bag!

However, the salt and pepper colored terrier that walks like a daschund will have his work cut out when he takes the ring tonight against two poodles, an Akita and two yet to be determined hounds or sporting breeds.

The Westminster dog show was first held in 1877 and was first telecast in 1948. And terriers have an edge going into tonight, as they have been the most successful group in history, claiming 44 Best in Show titles.

Good Luck, Harry. There’s a Jell-O Pudding Pop waiting for you in the winner’s circle!

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