Greyhound Passengers Stranded for Four Days in Memphis

Dozens of Greyhound Bus Line passengers have been stranded for up to four days in Memphis, Tenn., where one passenger was forced to wait outside in the frigid air in apparent retribution for speaking to reporters about their plight.

The group of would-be riders told WMC-TV that they were getting no news and little help from employees in the downtown bus station, where many were still caught late Sunday with little hope of returning home in time for work Monday morning.

"We're all at a loss in there, trying to figure out why we're the only ones not moving," said Cynthia Caponey, who was kicked out of the heated terminal for speaking to reporters. Her son later drove about 250 miles from St. Louis, Mo., to pick her up.

Chris Allen of Texas, who had already been stuck in Memphis for four days waiting for a bus back home, told the WMC-TV that Greyhound employees were being "snappy" and refusing them even modest conveniences.

"We've been stuck here since Thursday and they won't even help you with a free cup of coffee," he said.

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