Gretchen Reveals Her Squeamish Side

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What a show today!

We found out that Gretchen hates grisly stories and when Steve began to recount how a man cut off his leg with a pocket knife, she almost passed out! Later when Rick Reilly recounted a similar story we both left the set!

Steve was brilliant in his effort to teach Robin Givens how to do the weather. That's not to say we didn't do some serious stuff with North Korea shooting off short range missiles — trying to get some attention. And of course, the sad news of Kelsey Smith's murder: I don't know how their family is keeping their certain rage at this suspected killer in check, but I can only hope they find justice and wonder if our expert, Rod Wheeler, is right and it was more then one assailant.

Politically the biggest news on our "things to talk about list" was John Edwards scooping up Danny Glover's endorsement publicly. This looks clumsy for such an experienced politician. Glover, after all, has Hugo Chavez on his buddy list, along with Fidel Castro — two America-haters — you have to wonder why he's taking the risk.

Today I head to Dayton, Ohio as our Troop Salute puts down stakes at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. I will be signing my book, "It's How You Play the Game" today and signing at Books & Co. on Friday. Most importantly I will be coming live from the base Friday morning. If you are not going to Dayton and can't go to Hall of Heroes on Long Island in Roosevelt Field Saturday at 4 p.m. ET, go to and I will personalize and send you a copy. Special thanks to all that came out in Texas, Alabama and hope to see you in Florida, Tennessee and Kansas.


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