Plate Patrol

Ever get road rage? Wish there was a safe way to get back at that awful driver who cut you off, then slammed on his breaks? Now there is!

Mark Buckman of Virginia has created www.platewire.com, a Web site where angry drivers can log on and vent about their in route encounters with really bad drivers. I love this!

The Web site lets you leave a detailed message including the license plate number of the driver who did you wrong on the road. So now you can get even without having to do some dangerous maneuver in your car.

Bear Backlash

Planning on hunting this Thanksgiving? If so, make sure you shoot to kill.

One Virginia man thought he did when he fired at a 600-pound black bear, but the bear was just stunned. Thurman Hensley had quite a shock when he went over to inspect his shot and the bear attacked him. The trophy hunter suffered injuries all over his body, leaving him in fair condition in a nearby hospital. Hensley was lucky that his hunting partners were standing by and were able to take down the bear before the attack turned deadly.

The moral of this story? If you hunt, you can also be hunted.

Carry-On Crocs?

You’d think after all the attention surrounding airplane luggage regulations, from the no nail clipper rule to no liquids, someone would know better than to check a bag containing live crocodiles. Guess not.

Enrique Yu Castillo must not have got the memo because he attempted to check three, 1.5-foot crocodiles in his baggage. On top of it, all the crocs Castillo was trying to transport from Cambodia back to the Philippines are on the endangered species list.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources now have custody of the three Siamese crocodiles, while Castillo faces charges of trafficking endangered animals.

Bust Gain Without the Pain

Today on my show Jacqui Stafford was here showing us the newest products on the market to avoid any embarrassing “wardrobe malfunctions.” These tips will have you and “the girls” looking fabulous this holiday season. To learn more on how you can enhance what you’ve got, pick up this month’s Shape magazine and check out Jacqui’s "Fashion Q & A" in Shape magazine.

Great Gift Watch

During December we’ll be showing you some of the greatest gifts you can give this holiday season. If you think you have a terrific suggestion, you can e-mail us at e.d.hill@foxnews.com or send the gift to:

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Each day in December we’ll be featuring one item that could be a perfect holiday gift for someone on your list. The gift ideas can be expensive or cheap, large or small, and the only requirement is that the item has to be something that a person in America could purchase.


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