Thomas Hamill (search) has become a hero. The 43-year-old Mississippi truck driver who escaped from his Iraqi kidnappers after three weeks in captivity is now in Germany for a reunion with his wife, Kellie Hamill, at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

"That reunion's gonna be great — he has already flown out of Iraq, heading to medical center in Germany," Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt told Fox News on Monday.

Hamill pried open a door in the house where he was being held north of Baghdad when he heard a U.S. patrol passing by Sunday, then led the troops to the house where two Iraqis were captured. He was flown to Germany on Monday.

Great Escape: Tell Tom Your Message

A sample of your responses:

When I first saw the video of him in the car and so calm and cool about his situation. I could not stop thinking about him and hoping he made it out OK for his family. I think he embodies that sprit that has made America great. This was the best news.
Rick B.
Cherry Hills Village, CO

Tom, don't say anything, it will hurt your book deal. Great escape.
Don H.
Macedon, NY

Welcome home, Mr. Tom Hamill!
Kenneth V.

Why don't we start a fund raising drive for Mr. Hamil and his family? If we get enough people to throw a $10.00 bill in the hat maybe he won't have to go back. I'll be the first to contribute if you can figure out a way to get it to him.
Don M.
Hibbing, MN

We thank God you are finally safe and sound and soon will be with your family.  You have truly shown your strong character and we are proud of your determination not to give up!
God Bless, and welcome home!
C.G. Goshorn
Denison, TX 

Welcome back you're a true American -- it was nice to see you show no fear during the ordeal, as guns were pointed at you.  I don't think I could have done that -- you are a true hero.
Cyrus E.

Welcome back!  You are clearly an American hero.  I have the feeling by your demeanor (being stoic and your inner peace) when pictured gave your captors no pleasure.  My best to to you and your family.
Clark H.
Columbus, OH

I'm glad Thomas Hamill is safe, but we are almost making a hero out of him, which is a big mistake.  He should not have been in Iraq.  Someone needs to ask why are we sending Americans like Thomas Hamill to Iraq to do simple task like drive trucks.  We are putting Americans in harms way, plus we are paying Americans $100,000+/year to drive trucks.  The American tax payer is paying the bill for this.  These kind of jobs need to go to the Iraq people.  There is extremely high unemployment in Irag.  It we can help put the Iraq people back to work, it will greatly help improve the situation over there.  Seems like a no brainier.
Dan B.

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