Gray Davis Enlists Clinton Support in Recall Fight

Bill Clinton (search) rode to the rescue of California Gov. Gray Davis (search) this weekend, just before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (search) weighed in, effectively putting the Oct. 7 election on hold.

Clinton came to tell Californians to vote no on the recall. He illustrated his point by telling the parishioners at the African-American First A.M.E. church that recalls are silly — next thing and people will want to recall their teachers, recall their parents, recall their police officers....

It got a big laugh and big applause, as if it made sense — which it doesn't.

The recall is the nearly 100-year-old constitutionally permitted method to fire an elected official in California. It's what saves Davis from what happened to Clinton: the impeachment.

The problem is that a bunch of Californians wanted to fire Davis and wanted to put it up for a vote.

The election is on hold for now, but here's what I think...

I think Californians voted for Davis, so they should be stuck with him until his term is up.

If they didn't want him, they should have thought of that when they reelected him only a year ago.

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