'Grandma Bandit' Robs Two Houston Banks Hours Apart

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FBI agents are searching for a woman who robbed two Houston banks less than four miles apart — and was brazen enough not to cover her face, the Houston Chronicle has reported.

Authorities have nicknamed her the "Grandma Bandit," a woman who appears to be between 55 and 65, with shoulder-length gray hair and glasses.

The woman first robbed a bank on Friday afternoon after claiming to have a gun; her second heist occured an hour later.

The robber gave no explanation to bank tellers for wanting the money leading police to find it "unusual" that she's engaging in this type of criminal activity.

“No matter what your situation is or how old you are or how young you are, it doesn't give you the right to break the law," FBI Special Agent Shauna Dunlap told the Houston Chronicle.

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