Government Secrets Found on Computer Sold on eBay

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Secret details about the U.S. missle defense system were found on a computer hard drive bought on eBay during an investigation into personal data stored on computers being carelessly discarded, the Guardian reported.

The computer, turned over to the FBI, contained documents from Lockheed Martin that included detailed test launch procedures, photos and personal data of employees, including their social security numbers and blueprints of facilities, the newspaper reported.

"If this is out there, then it does beg the question, what else is out there?," Glenn Dardick, assistant professor of information systems at Longwood University in Virginia told the Guardian.

A spokesman for Lockheed Martin, who makes the THADD launch system, declined to comment on the hard drive's information.

"Until Lockheed Martin can evaluate the hard drive in question, it is not possible to comment further on its potential contents or source," the spokesman told the Daily Mail. "Lockheed Martin is not aware of any compromise of data related to the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense program."

The 4th annual survey conducted by several universities analyzes hard drives bought at computer auctions, computer fairs and eBay.

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