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GLENN BECK, HOST: You know, yesterday when I saw they were doing this big healthcare bill anyway, even though most Americans don't want it, I thought, boy, you know, how am I going to run my business? And a lot of people feel the same way. How is this going to turn things around? Well, I wanted to get an expert on in a different way and talk about hostages.

Danny Coulson is a former deputy assistant director for the FBI and former commander of the FBI's hostage rescue team. Danny, I mean, you don't ever expect to ever work for the FBI again after being on this show, do you?



COULSON: I'm glad to be here, Glenn. Nice to see you.

BECK: Thank you very much. OK. I have no idea what it feels like to be a hostage. And I just know, and I don't want to compare this to a hostage, but I just know that I don't feel as free as I used to, to do the things that I - I no longer feel like I'm in control of my own destiny. Or I feel like it's slipping through my fingers here with what's happening in Washington from both sides of the aisle.

But I want to approach this from a different standpoint. If you're a hostage taker, you say there are three things that they all have in common, that they do when they take you hostage. What are they?

COULSON: Sure. They use speed, surprise and balance of action to take you prisoner.

BECK: OK. So let's ...

COULSON: They use violence to frighten you.

BECK: OK. Tell me - let's go through these one by one. Speed - how do you mean?

COULSON: OK. They come at you quickly. They hit you fast. They hit you hard. They surprise you, and the effect of that, Glenn, is to make you impotent. It makes you lose your ability to respond and to do anything.

It is the same technique we use when we rescue hostages. We do that to terrorists. Well, terrorists do that to the people they're trying to take hostage, so they basically scare the daylights out of them.

BECK: So may I - and I don't want to put any words in your mouth. This is my theory, because I feel in a way - I feel like the country has been taken hostage in a way. Speed could be used as, "Hurry up. Hurry up."

What is it that President Obama said? "Otherwise, the system as we know it may not survive if we don't sign the stimulus package by Friday." That would be definitely -

COULSON: That is obviously speed. Clearly, that's speed. Let's get it done right now. Let's get it done so quickly. Nobody has a chance to know what we're doing or not doing. That's the same type of thing.

BECK: How would surprise play into that? Because like, when John Conyers was, like, "Well, I haven't really read it." Is that the kind of surprise? What do you mean surprise?

COULSON: To do something unexpected, something that nobody expects is going to happen. I think that the American people have expected and should be demanding that they know what is in these bills and that they have a chance to look at them, review them, even on the Internet.

But we're being surprised now by a whole conglomeration of bills that, frankly, our elected representatives haven't even read yet, so that's the surprise.

BECK: All right.

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