I'm telling you, I see the battle ahead.

The tougher times get, the more people will turn to the government to fix things.

And the more people who aren't fans of the government will be painted as evil. Period.

So John McCain urging restraint on federal programs and bailouts suddenly becomes Herbert Hoover.

And those advocating active intervention, something akin to Jesus Christ.

Tax hikes suddenly become a moral imperative.

Tax cuts a greedy throwback.

These are dangerous times, my friends, when goodness itself is defined by how big you want the government.

And evil, I suppose by those who have serious doubts about the government.

Trust me, government isn't bad.

It is our structure.

But it is not our savior.

Now, if we as a people have come to favor a government that protects us from ourselves, I suppose that means we'll happily pay the cost.

If it also means our acknowledging we can't handle our own lives, so maybe the government can, we'll all not so happily pay the price.

Absolving responsibility for signing onto mortgages we knew were too big, and eating at countless fast food restaurants we knew would make us too big.

So we sue others for contributing to what we have done, what we have signed, and what we have eaten.

Never once acknowledging the line of nonsense we as a society have been forced to swallow, without once looking in the mirror.

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