Everything the government runs is bankrupt: Medicare is broke; Medicaid is broke; the Post Office is broke; Amtrak is broke; Social Security is a bigger Ponzi scheme and bigger fraud than anything Madoff ever dreamed of and it is broke.

The government consumes wealth; private industry produces wealth. The government and private enterprise are the opposite: If private enterprise fails to produce what consumers want or fails to return a profit to investors, it goes out of business.

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The government does not understand the need to satisfy consumers or investors because it doesn't produce anything; it just keeps consuming our tax dollars which we, like sheep, just keep turning over to bureaucrats to spend.

When the government wants to save money, it shuts down, like Chicago City Hall did on Monday. When private enterprise wants to make more money, it works overtime.

When the voters conclude that the public treasury has become a public trough, they will send to D.C. only those who will get as many freebees for them as they can and our constitutionally guaranteed values of private property and free enterprise will be gone forever.

If you want more of something, make it profitable, un-tax it and it will grow and flourish.

If you want less of something, let the government regulate it, cap its costs and it will require taxpayer subsidies to stay alive.

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano is senior judicial analyst for FOX News Channel and co-hosts FOX News Radio's "Brian and The Judge" show daily