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Jobs From Jindal

Last week, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced that his state would decline millions from the president's spending package that he says would result in an unfair unemployment tax increase on businesses.

Well, it seems the governor's stance has put him in the crosshairs of liberal groups like the Center for American Progress. Tuesday, in a press release, they painted an ominous picture of Louisiana's economy, proclaiming the state is losing 430 jobs a day.

Is it true? Not according to Governor Jindal, who appeared Wednesday morning on "The Today Show."


GOV. BOBBY JINDAL, R-LA.: By the way, I heard the vice president talking about our economy. We were the only state last month that added jobs in this country. We'd continue to outperform the national economy. We've done it in part because we've cut taxes and we're going to continue to do that.


So who's right? According to a January 27 press release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only one state in the entire union recorded an increase in employment in December: you guessed it, Louisiana.

Looks like the folks at the Center need to make some progress on their math skills.

Money? No Thanks!

It turns out Bobby Jindal may have started a trend among his fellow governors as many other state leaders are now announcing plans to reject funding from certain provisions in the spending package. But what may surprise you is that some of these governors are Democrats.

Governor John Lynch of New Hampshire and Governor Phil Bredesen of Tennessee are now saying that they may also decline some federal funding. Both governors say that provisions in the law would require states to permanently expand certain programs, but funding from the federal government would only be available for the next two years.

News of this opposition came just after the president and Mrs. Obama wined and dined all of the nation's governors at a black-tie dinner at the White House.

See, this is what happens when you actually give people time to read legislation.

Schumer Sounds Off

Our friend Senator Chucky Schumer held a press conference Wednesday to praise President Obama's speech. In recognition of remarkable partisanship, Mr. Schumer is getting our Liberal Translation treatment:


SEN. CHARLES SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: It was a tour de force. It was one of the best speeches I have heard in all my 28 years in Washington.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: With this kind of sucking up, I think a ride on Air Force One is in my future... yippee!

SCHUMER: He didn't flinch from the problems we face, but gave every American confidence that we could meet them, succeed, and prevail.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Especially when he talked about crisis, catastrophe and impending doom!

SCHUMER: And we are playing on the same team with the president. We know that his agenda is the agenda that will move America forward.

Our Republican colleagues have tried to act like they're cheering for the quarterback and then nit-pick his play calling.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I repeat: Under Dear Leader Obama, dissent is prohibited.

SCHUMER: Well, President Obama and his agenda are one and the same. You can't separate the man from the agenda. And unfortunately, many of our Republican colleagues are mired in the past.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Cutting taxes is SO passé.


For embarrassing yourself like that, senator, I hope you at least get that ride on Air Force One. You deserve it!

Biden Balks

Vice President Joe Biden made the rounds on the morning shows Wednesday to answer a few questions about the administration's efforts to dig us out of our current economic hole. Unfortunately, he left his cheat sheet at home:


MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ, CO-ANCHOR, "THE EARLY SHOW": By the way, do you know the Web site?

JOE BIDEN, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You know, I'm embarrassed. Do you know the Web site number? You know I should have it in front of me and I do not. I'm...

RODRIGUEZ: All right.

BIDEN: I'm actually embarrassed.

RODRIGUEZ: I'm going to call your office directly, too and get it later.

BIDEN: It is Recovery.gov. Recovery.gov.


The number for the Web site? Ouch. Hats off to that CBS anchor, that's the first time I’ve ever heard Joe Biden speechless — and I liked it!

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