You know what bugs me the most about the bailout? How everyone is afraid to point out who's at fault. But I will.

It's poor people.

Yeah, whenever the economy goes south, we rag on Wall Street. But when we do this, we conveniently forget that these are the actual people who are creating wealth and commerce.
Remember, it wasn't the rich who took out crappy loans from dodgy lenders for homes they couldn't afford. It wasn't the rich defaulting on these loans, leaving us with this mess.

Nope, it was the poor. It was the poor who borrow, spend and never save.

But you can't blame them. One, because you'll be seen as Satan, and two, it's really the Democrats who are guilty. They not only embraced but enforced this phony Robin Hood philosophy, thinking that if we forced banks to give loans to meth-heads without a pot to piss in, the world would be a better place.

But the fact is, give something to someone who didn't earn it and we all go to hell in a three bedroom duplex.

So what we have is a game of musical mortgages: High risk borrowers buy houses they can't afford, using a sleazy lender, who then sells the mortgage to another schmuck — and when the music stops we're left holding the bag.

But we don't have to hold it. We can make the Democrats pay. We can call them on their corruption and demand accountability.

And we could also realize that no one owes you a house. I rented apartments for 20 years and although it got pretty crowded — what with the houseboys and their caged filth — I made it work. And in this new economy you should too.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler!

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