Gossip Girl's Ex Husband Claims She Was Violent | Newly-Single Katy Perry Offers Sexy Photo Tips | Amanda Bynes Gets Bratty | Hollywood Claws Come Out At Golden Globes After-party | Jason Segal Bumped By Heidi & Spencer

Kelly Rutherford’s Ex Husband Claims She Was Violent & Frightened Son

Despite being four months pregnant Kelly Rutherford filed for divorce from her multi-millionaire hubby Daniel Giersch just a couple of weeks ago, and it looks as though the custody battle for their two-year-old son Hermes is heating up.

Rutherford filed an ex parte application in the Santa Monica Branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court on January 9 to take Hermes with her to New York for an extended period of time in order to film “Gossip Girl”, however Giersch immediately responded with an objection that this would be “absolutely detrimental” to the child’s health.

According to Giersch, the hotel-style of living in New York causes Hermes “chronic skin breakouts” due to hotel cleaning toxins and that residing in New York would mean being with a stranger while Rutherford (who plays Blake Lively’s mother Lily van der Woodsen) works up to 20-hours per day on-set. The documents also claim that the actress is “typically stressed out” due to her grueling schedule and her signs of “frustration and anger” frighten the toddler and have caused her to become physically violent.

Giersch states in the papers that Rutherford tried to hit him with an open fist during an angry outburst and that in July last year she threw a laptop at him and called him “terrible names” in front of Hermes while the family was staying in Hamburg, Germany.

On the flip side, Rutherford requested that the court prohibit Giersch from flying with their son as she fears the entrepreneur (who is not a U.S citizen) will flee the country with Hermes and stated that he was being investigated by the German Government and often said he could potentially be arrested.

On Friday (the same day the documents were filed) the judge denied Rutherford’s emergency request to take Hermes interstate and will address the issue in court on January 21st.

So it certainly has been a troubled period for the expecting starlet, however Rutherford still braved the crowds at the “Baby Boom Boom Boom Celebrity Parents Gifting Wonderland” in celebration of the Golden Globes on Saturday. According to her court papers, this was the day she was due in New York for filming.

But instead a tired-looking Rutherford spent the day in L.A picking up bits and pieces for her son and the pending new born and told Tarts that she intends to take a few episodes off after the birth.

Newly Single Katy Perry Offers Sexy Photo Tips

She's cut her hair, posed provocatively for FHM magazine and looks better than ever since her recent separation from "Gym Class Heroes" star Travis McCoy, so it is no wonder Katy Perry certainly wasn't holding back when it came to offering her female fans some of Tinseltown tips on how to always look sexy in snaps.

"I'm really critical of my posture, it makes a big difference," Perry told Tarts at Thursday night's Critics Choice Awards in Santa Monica, Calif. "And I try to suck my belly in. Everyone should do that whether you’re on a red carpet or not. Even if you’re just going out to dinner with your boyfriend you should try and suck it in."

Perry presented the award for Best Composer alongside Christopher "McLovin'’" Mintz-Plasse and we're assuming he was probably pretty pleased after their little get together.

"Oh, he's going to get a little pinch on the butt before we go on stage," Katy said, after a mini freak-out upon hearing that Angelina Jolie would be in the audience.

Christopher told Tarts backstage that he was sure that he and Miss Perry would become close friends as they shared a very important commonality.

"I've kissed a lot of girls too," he said.

Amanda Bynes Gets Bratty

But speaking of the awards, Tarts has also been told that Amanda Bynes showed a not-so-nice side during last week’s ceremony. According to our insider, the "Hairspray" hottie proceeded to text pretty much the entire time and even when Heath Ledger won the posthumous award for Best Actor she was the only one not to join in with the standing ovation.

"She just sat there on her phone, totally disinterested and one of the guys next to her forced her to stand up," said our spy, adding that she rolled her eyes and eventually stood up in a huff. Manners, anyone?

Hollywood Claws Come Out At Golden Globes After-Party

The HBO after-party was the place to be after the Golden Globes on Sunday night and clearly the hit network wasn't ready to handle the hundreds of Hollywood types.

With a line stretching out the door, the average wait was a good 90 minutes and the chorus of "Don't you know who I am" brought out the claws between Hollywood's "elite," the fire marshals, event organizers and security.

(Picture a whole heap of publicists, reporters, studio executives and stars who have probably forgotten what it means to wait it line and you can just imagine the tempers and tantrums.)

Even those in HBO shows like "True Blood" and "Entourage" weren't given special treatment and were made practice patience and were not allowed in until those before them had left. But once inside, it was well worth the wait.

Pop Tarts spotted the normally super-sweet Blake Lively scurrying to get out of the venue and expressing just how very upset she was about having to wait a whopping two hours for her driver (welcome to L.A and street closures). Leonardo DiCaprio was holding hands with his mama (while checking himself out in the reflection) while Hayden Panettiere was on her best behavior while hanging out with her folks.

The night was a dream come true for itty bitty beauty Megan Fox who partied alongside the guy she once told Tarts was her ultimate crush - Zac Efron (unfortunately for her, Vanessa Hudgens wasn't too far away). Meanwhile other big names such as Susan Sarandon, Drew Barrymore, Heidi Klum & Seal sat around and noshed until the early hours.

And even though Colin Farrell went home with the Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, the reformed rehabber didn't celebrate too hard.

"Oh man, three years ago I would have done some serious damage here," Farrell lamented as he approached the Grey Goose bar backstage in the E! lounge.

Jason Segal Bumped By Heidi & Spencer

Picture this — you’re talented, you’re on a hit show, you’re respected in the entertainment industry… but it all falls apart when cringe-worthy "The Hills" stars invade your aura. Unfortunately for Jason Segal, that’s what happened to him when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt made a recent guest appearance on "How I Met Your Mother."

"That was an interesting day. It was one of those weird days when security was at the door - it was the same way when Britney was on the show," Segall told Tarts at Diane Lane’s post-party for the Critics Choice Awards. "People were asking me, what are you doing here? So I had to explain how I work here too." Ouch.

Speaking of Jasons, we’re holding former "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander to his New Years resolution.

"This is going to be so bad. I'll be 50 in September and I have to lose 30 lbs before then. 9 months, 30 pounds," he admitted. "Don’t show a before an after. If I don't make it, don't write about this. I don’t want to be embarrassed."