And now the most interesting two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Minority Report

A New Orleans Times Picayune analysis of this weekend's gubernatorial runoff in Louisiana shows Democrat Kathleen Blanco beat out Republican Bobby Jindal -- an Indian-American -- principally by winning an unlikely demographic: whites.

Blanco won 38 percent of the white vote, which the Times Picayune says is more white votes than Democrats in Louisiana can usually count on. A Republican, like Jindal, can afford to lose at most 34 percent of the white vote and still win a statewide election. While Jindal's skin color appears to have hurt him among white voters, it didn't help him among black voters, 91 percent of whom voted for his opponent.

Commission's Compromise

The special commission investigating what the White House knew about Al Qaeda (search) before the 9/11 atrocities has reached a compromise with the Bush administration, giving the commission access to classified, pre-9/11 presidential briefings relating to either Al Qaeda or the attacks.

But according to FOX News sources, most of those briefings will be drawn from the Clinton administration. Sources from the special commission say that, under the compromise, the White House will determine which briefings -- covering three years of the Clinton administration and less than a year of the Bush administration -- relate to Al Qaeda or 9/11 and should be disclosed.

Gore's New Gig

Former Vice President John Nance Garner (search) once said the vice presidency -- "was not worth a bucket of warm" spit. He didn't use the word spit, though. And now Al Gore, a man who should know about the job and an outspoken environmentalist to boot, is lending his name to a new method of disposing of the substance in question.

Gore has accepted an offer to serve on the advisory board of directors for Falcon Waterfree Technologies (search), which manufactures waterless urinals in an effort to save water and eliminate -- "urinal odor." Mr. Gore, The New York Times says, is not being paid for his services... but at least he's getting stock options.

Brits Take on Bush

As President Bush readies for his historic trip to Britain, a new poll from there shows that 37 percent of Britons think Mr. Bush is -- "stupid" and 33 percent consider him -- "incoherent." According to the poll by You-Gov Research, only 10 percent of Britons think President Bush is -- "intelligent," and only six percent call him -- "articulate." What's more, 74 percent of Britons say they don't trust President Bush to handle the situation in Iraq, and only 7 percent of them say Mr. Bush is a good world leader.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report