The convention at Madison Square Garden (search) launched under extremely tight security, with a helicopter hovering overhead and thousands of police posted at barricades. Republicans were paying tribute to victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks in their opening session.

On Sunday, more than 100,000 people — some estimates put the crowd at 200,000 — marched in protest of Bush's domestic and foreign policies through midtown Manhattan and past Madison Square Garden, where the convention will be held.

GOP in NYC: Bad move, or brilliant?

A sample of your responses:

I believe the overwhelming security concerns are a major distraction of an important message and an expense we should have avoided. My fingers are crossed on this one.
Laura K.
Califon, NJ

I believe this ends up being a very good choice. If you look close at what needs to be accomplished by the Bush/Cheney campaign, this setting works out well for them. To address the undecided vote, they brought in Schwartzenegger, and Guilani. Both very popular National figures, and most importantly states where W had a hard time last election. Then to have the keynote speaker be a Democrat... enough said.
Tom J.
Cary, NC

Bring on the protesters! Show America the true face of the Democratic Party!
Mark S.
Bethlehem, PA

In the last two week, I personally talked to ten people who are taking their entire families out of the NYC area because of supposed incidents that may occur. I can only think that there are more than the ten I talked to that did the same thing. Since NYC was a target once before, many are moving out of the city and surrounding areas just to be safe, hence NYC will a considerable amount of revenue. This coupled with the cost of protection of the convention and city will amount to a large deficit in revenue.
Terry I.
Elizabethtown, KY

Having the Republican Convention in NY is very appropiate. 9/11 unified the country and hopefully the convention will do the same. I can't believe the hate and violence the Democrats have toward their fellow Americans. With them around who needs terroists.  Republicans do not demonstrate in such an irresponsible manner. Is that an indication of Kerry's command if elected? It's all emotion; no intelligence.
David M.

So what if it a Democratic stronghold, this is still America and as long as John Kerry has not been elected and given America to France we can go anywhere is this country we want. I think it shows that the Republicans are not afraid to go into the enemy's camp and make friends and influence people.
Larry N.

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