A Republican congressional candidate agreed Tuesday to pull television ads and campaign materials showing him with evangelist Franklin Graham (search).

The move came after Graham, son of Billy Graham, wrote candidate Ed Broyhill (search) a letter saying the materials were "misleading the public with regard to our relationship and my position in this race -- which is neutral."

Graham also chastised the campaign for not responding after he issued a news release June 17 saying he was not endorsing anyone in the 5th District congressional race.

"Yet, your campaign has continued to run these ads, and has now included my picture in your direct mail," he wrote.

Broyhill's campaign manager, Kim Hutchens, said the campaign never claimed that Graham had endorsed Broyhill. "So we did not feel like we were being deceptive," he said.

He said the campaign responded as soon as it received Graham's letter.

"We value his friendship and support and did not want to create an opportunity for opponents to create more negative attacks," Hutchens said. "We will abide by his wishes."

Broyhill is one of eight GOP candidates competing in the northwest North Carolina district to succeed Rep. Richard Burr (search), who is running for the U.S. Senate.

Earlier this month, Broyhill indicated he did not plan to pull the commercials, which began running June 15. The spots showed Broyhill and Graham as they attended the opening of a YMCA (search) camp.