Goodbye, Johnny

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It was great to be back, but sad to say goodbye to Johnny Carson (search).

It's hard to believe that he's gone when you see how alive and current most of his TV clips are. Monday, we put together solid cast of Carson's friends including the Amazing Kreskin, Jackie Mason and Dick Cavett. It's going to be interesting to see what Jay Leno does for him tonight on his show — after all, he don't even think to say thanks when he took the reigns in 1992. Watching Carson's highlights, I was struck with how quick his wit was and how short his questions were. Dick Cavett said it best: "He got out of the way and let every guest look good."

Congresswoman Jane Harmon headed up our political line-up and, even though she's first and foremost a Democrat, she's one to stand with an opposing party idea if it's good for the country and that's refreshing. She mentioned that she loves coming on our show in the break and I think it's because of E.D. Both women are mothers of eight and just relate well to each other.

Personally, I just have to thank the people of Toledo, Ohio for coming out and supporting me Friday night and apologize to the people Cleveland for being forced to cancel. Steve Doocy saved me from a weekend stranded in Ohio by tracking me down and giving me a personal "get of town NOW" forecast. But please go down to Jo-Beth Booksellers and grab a copy of "The Games Do Count" — I stopped in at 1:00a.m. to sign about 100 books.

This weekend I'm going to Houston and Dallas and hope to see you all there. Please visit for details and don't forget I will be signing in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida on February 3rd and 8th respectively.

Thanks so much for watching and for the latest in Iraq election news, make "FOX & Friends" your first and last stop.


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