Good News for the Week of April 23

Corporate layoffs, falling profits and talk of recession have dominated the headlines and the media’s attention.

But Your World is keeping track of some of the good news that you may have missed in all of the doom and gloom.

April 27

• Skechers stock up more than 200 percent in the past 12 months

April 26

• Intel sees future growth of 17 percent after hitting second-half bottom

• Johnson & Johnson splits stock and boosts dividend by 12.5 percent

April 24

• IBM to buy back up to $3.5 billion worth of its own shares

• Software maker Oracle to boost its stock buyback plan by an additional $3.0 billion

• Estee Lauder sees third-quarter profits rise and and forecasts sales and earnings growth for the year

April 23

• Gum-maker William Wrigley's first-quarter profits rise 12 percent — double the rate that Wall Street expected

DaimlerChrysler to crank out an additional 80,000 PT Cruisers to keep pace with demand