Go for It!

Have you ever wanted to call someone's bluff?

I remember this one woman who went on and on about how awful her family had been to her, and how her kids, like her own boss, ignored her, and boy, what she would say to all of them if they were in a room together.

I half wanted to call each and every one of them up, gather them in conference room -- sort of like This Is Your Life -- and let her at them. I knew she wouldn't do diddly because she struck me as someone who'd sooner complain behind people's backs than address them face-to-face.

Many countries are the same way. They're taking potshots at this country over Iraq (search). Talking up what they would do and what we should do.

You know what I say? Have at it.

I want to call the United Nation's bluff. Let them take charge of Iraq. Let them police Iraq. Let them restore order. And let them know the risks. Let them spend the money. And let them see soldiers die.

I'm sure they'll discover that it isn't so easy keeping the peace. But will they, like us, understand the value of the sacrifice? I doubt it. They'd likely sooner cut and run, than grin and brave it. They'd sooner talk about looking after the Iraqi people, than actually do something, anything for the Iraqi people.

I'm just tired of it.

France, you say you know how to bring that country up? Then trying coughing up a few of your precious Euros.

Germany, you say you're for democracy in Iraq? Then put something on the line for Iraq.

I won't hold my breath. You all talk a good game, but I don't think you are game.

You know how to bitch. But you have no intention to bother.

You say it wasn't worth the trouble. But now you want in to divvy up the spoils of that trouble.

You are like that woman yapping about all that's wrong, failing to see in any of the Iraqis you claim to love, something, anything that this country has done right.

You give the world a line, but put nothing on the line.

Let me be as frank as you are phony: You offer a hand. May I offer you... a finger?

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