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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, bailed-out General Motors is trying to drive up sales by letting customers take a test drive with the head of the company.

Taxpayer reaction in a moment.

First to Jeff Flock from the FOX Business Network in Milford, Michigan, with more.

Hey, Jeff.

JEFF FLOCK, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK CORRESPONDENT: If you were here, Neil, you would get a chance to ride in a Corvette.

These are 100 real people out here.


FLOCK: I say real people. They're customers, many of them, though, not GM customers. A lot of people have never had a GM car.

They — they got them together off the Internet. And — and I will tell you, I have never seen auto executives more accessible as I have seen today. You see the fellow in the red hat over there? I don't know where Bob is, if he can see us. There's — he was eating some ice cream there now.

That is Fritz Henderson right there in the hat. He has been all day getting feedback from people and listening to what they have to say about his cars. He has said they want to make this auto company the most public private company they can make it. And, so, he's let us come in and listen in to what he has to say to people all day. It's been an extraordinary thing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In my age, where would you put me? Being 24, what car would you put me in, as the CEO?

FRITZ HENDERSON, CEO, GENERAL MOTORS: It depends on what you want. Obviously, if you drive an Audi, I want to put you into a Cadillac.


HENDERSON: You know, the average 24-year-old would likely — would very likely look at one of our Chevrolets. But, certainly, in your case, we would love to sell you a Cadillac.

FLOCK: This is just the kind of discussion that has been taking place all day.

Have you learned anything today, sir?

HENDERSON: Yes, I have actually.


HENDERSON: Quite a bit.

You took your coat off.

FLOCK: I did. Thank you very much, yes.

See, Fritz Henderson, no necktie here today, Neil. And, so, he seems very comfortable with this.

Is this going to be a trend at GM now?

HENDERSON: When it is 90 degrees outside and we are outside and going to drive, absolutely.


FLOCK: What did you have a chance to tell Mr. Henderson here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm just giving my feedback as an Audi drive and, you know, a young. I'm just — you know, my — my thoughts and direction of GM. And it's really improving. These cars are — they're very solid. Just the solidity of the car...

FLOCK: You're not a GM driver, you may be one at some point.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Eventually, you know? I really — the Camaro is a great car.

FLOCK: Conquest one driver at a time maybe.


FLOCK: Good deal.

Thank you, sir. I appreciate your comments. I will let you get back to Mr. Henderson.

So, an extraordinary day for GM. Maybe the culture is changing here, if today is any judge — Neil.

CAVUTO: All right, Jeff with Fritz — Jeff Flock at the big showoff there.

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