As the Copenhagen airport welcomes 140 extra private jets during the climate change summit, everyone else in the eye of the global warming storm is circling their solar-powered wagons.

Predictably, The New York Times says those Climate-gate e-mails reveal nothing more than academic pettiness. Meanwhile, the EPA claims that greenhouse gases are endangering people's health, making way for more regulation. And, no surprise, Robert Gibbs dismisses Climate-gate as a big nothing.

But sadly, what were seeing with Climate-gate is not an anomaly, but the opposite (a "pronomaly," if you will). Fact is, those e-mails were all about suppression and suppression has been part of global warming since day one.

Let's start with CO2. Activists tell us that man-caused CO2 is creating global warming. However, only 3 percent of CO2 comes from people. The rest comes from oceans, animals and Ryan Seacrest.

So how come you don't hear about that? Because, you can't say that man is destroying the planet, once you realize man's impact is nil.

Big Green also likes to talk up consensus. Well then, what about the Gallup poll of climate scientists, showing that nearly 50 percent had rejected man-caused global warming. Or, how about the first assessment report from the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? They said recent temperature changes could be due to nature. However, according to "Scared to Death" authors Christopher Booker and Richard North, the summarizers ignored that and predicted warming instead. That's consensus through suppression.

And then there's Al Gore. When one of his beloved professors published a paper saying global warming was uncertain, Gore questioned his sanity. He also pressured newsman Ted Koppel into linking nefarious forces to anti-global warming factions.

And, of course, there's Gore's movie, a loon-fest beyond laughable. Like his poetry — here's some, from his new book, "Our Choice":

"One thin September soon
A floating continent disappears.
In midnight sun,
Vapors rise as Fever settles on an acid sea."

Vanity Fair calls it "equal parts beautiful, evocative and disturbing."

I call it equal parts "barf, barf and barf."

Now the EPA declares global warming a health issue. I guess if you can't guilt people with drowning polar bears then you scare them with disease.

But the biggest fraud: The marginalization of anyone who stands in the way of Big Globe. Question the hysteria and you're a quack. Never before has a defense of science been so ridiculed all in the name of science.

The fact is, for the media and our administration: Global warming is too big to fail, because if you kill global warming, you kill their power and if you do that then where in the world will they be?

Rediscovering global cooling, probably.

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