Glenn Close (search) says her first role as a regular on a TV show "will be kind of a great adventure" — including the commute to Hollywood.

Close, who lives in Westchester County and has a teenage daughter, said Wednesday that playing a police captain in FX's "The Shield (search)" was "the last thing I thought I'd be doing, but they were very persuasive. Other than the fact that I have to commute back and forth, I'm looking forward to it."

"This will be an unusual balance, and I think they're going to be smart about scheduling me so I can have a regular chunk of time at home," said the actress, best known for movies like "Fatal Attraction" and "Stepford Wives (search)."

On Thursday night, Close will be presented with the Human Spirit Award by the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation at a glittery dinner in Manhattan. A longtime friend of the "Superman" actor, who became a paraplegic nine years ago and died last month, Close said her contributions to his foundation were "a very little drop in the ocean compared to the things he's done."

"It will be a very bittersweet, very emotional evening," she said. "I'm just reading a letter I got from him about the evening and the last thing on our minds was that he wouldn't be there."