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GLENN BECK, HOST: We have been following the climate-gate scandal this week. If you haven't heard about it, you ain't alone: mainstream media refuses to cover it. E-mails hacked from England's leading climate data hub show that researchers behind the global warming hysteria, they're just cooking the books. If you are not outraged, you should be — $145 trillion is what the solution is going to cost us.

Their end goal is more than just getting you to change a light bulb. It's redistribution of wealth.

Jonah Goldberg is here. He is the editor at large of National Review Online, a columnist with The L.A. Times, Fox contributor, and the writer of a book that would absolutely open your eyes unto what's going on, "Liberal Fascism."

Welcome to the program. How are you, sir?


BECK: Good. Tell me, Climate-gate: Give me the one thing that you — as you're looking into it, you go, "Wow, people should pay attention to this one thing."

GOLDBERG: Well, you know, the news that so many people are scamming and conniving behind the scenes to exploit global warming hysteria is not shocking. It's the evidence. Very rarely do you have a conspiracy where there's actual evidence like this.

And let me be clear: I don't think this debunks the whole idea of global warming. But what it does debunk is that there are these pure, gifted, wonderful scientists, riding around on unicorns just trying to stay the divine truth, you know?


BECK: There's always been — there's always been full knowledge. There is — there are billions of not trillions of dollars to be made on this.

GOLDBERG: That's right.

BECK: A hundred and forty-five trillion is what is going to cost, their solution, trillions of dollars at stake. So, somebody is making money off of this.

GOLDBERG: That's right and for years, anyone who criticized global warming was accused of being bought and paid for by the polluting industry and whatnot, while these enlightened, objective scientists, you know, were beyond reproach.

It was like Bill Murray in "Ghostbusters" who says, "Back off, man. I'm a scientist."


GOLDBERG: You know, you couldn't — you couldn't criticize the scientist.

BECK: Right.

GOLDBERG: And by definition, if you were a scientist, you ought to agree with it.

But there are companies, like G.E., that have literally billions of dollars at stake, could go under if we don't get something like cap-and-trade to pass


GOLDBERG: And they are always considered benign and progressive when they talk about global warming.

BECK: OK. So, here we have — here we have scientists cooking the books, changing the research, changing the numbers, changing the actual temperatures, discrediting people in e-mails, saying how do we discredit them, how do we make them go away, et cetera, et cetera — you have.

GOLDBERG: And getting people fired.

BECK: Yes.

GOLDBERG: Truly, they got people fired for coming up with contrary evidence that they didn't like to hear.

BECK: OK. So, you have all of that. Let me play something from the president's inaugural speech. Is this is — is this what he means?

Go ahead, play this:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We will restore science to its rightful place.


BECK: I mean, faking numbers, discrediting people, getting them fired, cooking the books — is that what where science is supposed to be?

GOLDBERG: For the last eight years, we heard that whenever George Bush did something that ran against the grain of the progressive tide, that there was a war on science— that Republicans and the right despise science.

And here we are seeing a lot of people who clearly don't care first and foremost about the science. They care first and foremost about the agenda and how to frame the agenda. And if science gets in their way, then you're going to shoot the messenger.


GOLDBERG: And it's a huge indictment.

BECK: Jonah, I got to go. But I would like to have you back, because next week, you know, he's going to Copenhagen and everything else. And this is the last real shot I think the world has on this global warming thing. It's coming apart at the seams, and I'd like to talk to you about on what's going to be done. Are they just going to go for it and jam down our throats? Will it survive or not?

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