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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "At Your Beck and Call" segment tonight: the swine flu vaccine. Right now it's being shipped all over the USA. Some people want it; some people don't. And Glenn Beck is right in the middle of that discussion.

Here is Mr. Beck, the author of the two — two, not one, two — best sellers.


O'REILLY: "Common Sense" and "Arguing with Idiots." Again, that is not Billy Joel that is on the cover. That is...

BECK: I swear that's Billy Joel.

O'REILLY: Looks just like Billy Joel.

BECK: That makes him very happy.

O'REILLY: All right. Now, look, you devoted your whole program today at 5 p.m. on the swine flu vaccine.

BECK: Were you watching?

O'REILLY: I did. I just hang on your every word. You know that.

BECK: I know, I know.

O'REILLY: So give me — give me what your, Glenn Beck — why spend an hour on the swine flu vaccine? No. 1, is it that important?

BECK: Yes.


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BECK: I mean, because WHO says it's a pandemic. You know, in 1918 it killed a lot of people. They say that we haven't seen this kind of a virus in a very long time. And everybody is talking — when you've got Janet Napolitano, you know, sneezing and showing everybody how to sneeze, you know, they're making a big deal out of this.

O'REILLY: They're — that's right. They're making a big deal out of it.

BECK: Yes.

O'REILLY: But the stats don't back it up yet.

BECK: Exactly right.

O'REILLY: It's not exactly the Black Death.

BECK: Exactly right. In fact — in fact, it's devolving. It's actually getting...

O'REILLY: They have to look for people...

BECK: Yes.

O'REILLY: ...with the swine flu.

BECK: Which — which begs the question, why are we — why are we having mandatory vaccinations? Why is this being...

O'REILLY: It's not mandatory, is it?

BECK: It is for health workers.

O'REILLY: For health workers. OK, OK. I got that. All right. So you get the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, in Atlanta and they basically say, OK, the health workers, because they come into contact with some Americans, let's be safe. Let's give them the vaccination. I got no problem with that. Do you?

BECK: Well, I do if I am a private citizen. I mean, I guess you can make the argument, well, then you know, you can go find another job. They weren't put in...

O'REILLY: You have to have some kind of...

BECK: Absolutely. The other question that people are asking is this was awfully fast. We're rushing to this. This is the very first time. I mean, remember, Bill, first it was, "Well, I don't know if we can get enough." Then there's only one company that makes it. Then there was two companies. Now there's five companies, and now there's a cocktail.

O'REILLY: And this is a great health care/Obamacare motive. If it's money in it, people are going to make it. So now we have the swine flu vaccine. All right. So it comes to your town. Are you going to get the swine flu vaccine?

BECK: I decided not to.

O'REILLY: Really? Back away a little. You're not going to get it?

BECK: No, I said I've decided not to share if I'm going to get it or not, because...

O'REILLY: Come on, Beck. Millions of people take their cue from you.

BECK: Look at this guy. Look at this guy. I know. They're like zombies.

O'REILLY: So — so tell them yes or no.

BECK: I'm not going to.

O'REILLY: I'm taking the swine flu vaccination.

BECK: Are you?

O'REILLY: I'm standing up.

BECK: Congratulations.

O'REILLY: I'm not — because you're not taking it, I'm not touching you.

BECK: You don't know if I am or not.

O'REILLY: Well, you're...

BECK: ...the whole thing (ph).

O'REILLY: I'm not touching you or shaking your hand until you take it.

BECK: Really?

O'REILLY: Yes. I don't want the swine flu from a guy like you.

BECK: Put a chip in my arm to make sure that I'm taking it.

O'REILLY: Oh, is that what it is? You think they're going to inject a chip in everybody's arm?

BECK: Actually, one of the reasons — that's one of the things we covered. That is one of the big things on the Internet, is that they're going to track you when you've taken...

O'REILLY: Inject something into you.

BECK: Yes. And we have — we've spent a lot of time…

O'REILLY: A lot of time on that.

BECK: …debunking that, yes. There's no chip coming.

O'REILLY: See, on "The Factor" we would spend...

BECK: I know it's a surprise. But see, you know...

O'REILLY: Just wait for me.

BECK: Yes.

O'REILLY: On "The Factor," we would spend two seconds debunking it: "That's nuts!" And we're finished with it. You don't have to do segments.

BECK: You have the credibility that I just don't have.

O'REILLY: Well, you're working toward that though, right?

BECK: You have 10 years of saying, "That's nuts!" And being right.


BECK: I have only got, like, six, eight months.

O'REILLY: And you haven't been right yet. So keep working at it. And — now, look, but you're not telling me that you, Glenn Beck, think that there's some sinister...

BECK: Hang on just a second. I just want everybody to know...

O'REILLY: Now you were right about...

BECK: Perfectly fine off the air. We're like, "Hey, Glenn, how are you doing?"

"Oh, fine."

He gets on, fangs come out.

O'REILLY: No. You were right about ACORN and the other guy, what's his name?

BECK: Van Jones.

O'REILLY: So you were right about him. Now, you're not going to say, no matter what — no matter what, you're not going to say you're going to take the swine flu vaccine?

BECK: I think this is important for everybody to make their own decision. This is injecting something into your body.

O'REILLY: All right.

BECK: And there is great arguments for and against. I mean, if you remember the swine flu of '76, you were, what, 50 back then?


BECK: So...

O'REILLY: But look, look how I've survived all these years from taking the vaccination.

BECK: You're looking good.

O'REILLY: For 112, I'm doing OK, because I followed the doctor.

BECK: Yes, I know. I know, I know.

O'REILLY: Don't you think there are any...

BECK: Did you see the — did you see the Obama press prints (ph) when they put everybody in the white jacket? I thought, "I was against health care but now that I see people in white coats are for it, oh my God."

O'REILLY: You have to be.

BECK: No you have to be.

O'REILLY: They can find a doctor who thinks it's great.

BECK: Sure. In the white coat. Not just a doctor. One wearing the white coat.

O'REILLY: This, I just want to sum up. I am going to take the swine flu vaccine. Beck will not tell you. Who is the stand-up guy, OK?


O'REILLY: Who is that? Now, on the program, the other day...

BECK: Yes.

O'REILLY: There's Beck, who makes a lot of money, has his money. Roll the tape.


BECK: Well, hello, America. Did you wake up this morning and read about what's going on with the dollar? Yes. Probably not. I mean, if you still get the news from the newspaper, then I mean, especially if you get the news from an American newspaper, then you definitely didn't read what was going on with the dollar. You know, if you only get the paper, you probably, well I'm guessing you know the name of all of David Letterman's interns and the latest with "Jon & Kate Plus 8," but the demise of the American dollar? Please. Gosh, what happens if all of a sudden Saudi Arabia says, "By the way, the oil, no longer paid for in dollars." This is garbage. It's worthless.


O'REILLY: But I will take those dollars, and just — just on the outside chance that we survive.

BECK: Right. Outside. Outside chance that we survive.

O'REILLY: I know. Yes, come on. You don't believe that the U.S. dollar, with all the power of America, is going to be worthless in, what, a year or so?

BECK: No, no, no. I have no idea on the timing. I think within 10 years you're off the dollar. The dollar is gone.

O'REILLY: The dollar is gone.

BECK: The dollar is gone.

O'REILLY: Now, when you write these best-selling books…

BECK: Could be...

O'REILLY: ...challenge, and you do your program on the radio…

BECK: Could be sooner.

O'REILLY: …do you get paid in yen or euros? Or what? How?


O'REILLY: Gold bars?

BECK: I will say this, Bill. I will say this, that two years ago, when I was saying, "Get out of the stock market. This thing is about to collapse like a house of cards," all of the experts said, "Oh, you're fear mongering. You're crazy, blah blah blah, blah blah blah."

O'REILLY: You were right.

BECK: And I was right.

O'REILLY: Did you get out, by the way?

BECK: Oh yes.

O'REILLY: You sold everything?

BECK: I sold everything. Actually — actually, made a decision and talked about it on the air. I said, "I'm actually going to bet the other way, because I think that this is going the other way." I actually made money on the way down, and I know a lot of people have a problem with that.

O'REILLY: Buying gold or...

BECK: Somebody — bought gold, originally bought gold at $300 an ounce. It's now, what, $1,050?

O'REILLY: Yes. And you have — you have guys that carry it to your garage. I saw them.

BECK: There's no garage.

O'REILLY: No garage.

BECK: Underground.

O'REILLY: Underground, that's right. I keep forgetting.

BECK: Here's the thing...

O'REILLY: That underground system you have in Connecticut.

BECK: If you can tell me, Bill. I have met with all of the — all of the experts that I can possibly find, and they all say the same thing: "Oh no, we're going to be fine."


"Well, because we just are."

"Well, why?"

O'REILLY: Do you think the dollar is going to collapse? Do you really think it's not going to be in existence in 10 years?

BECK: Let me ask you. When we have as much debt as we have, and it's coming, even more and more and more, we lose — we already have everybody. The G-20 already said we've got to get out of the dollar as the reserve currency. Now, Saudi Arabia said that they didn't have this meeting, and they have no short-term plans of getting out of the dollar.

O'REILLY: Yes, they've got plenty of paper.

BECK: Everybody is moving towards the IMF, etc., etc. What do you think is going to happen?

O'REILLY: IMF is the International Monetary Fund. What I think is going to happen, I have to say, I'm not in your mindset over here. I think that we're going to have a rough year, another rough year, and then the American — the industrial that we have in this country, have always had, is going to turn the economy around, all right. The economy — look, this is a safe haven here. Nobody is investing in Bolivia, OK? Everyone wants to go to Russia.

BECK: Have you seen the direction our country is moving in? We're moving in the direction of...

O'REILLY: It's not the politicians. It's the workers that I have confidence in.

BECK: The politicians are handcuffing the workers.

O'REILLY: That's going to stop. That's going to stop.

BECK: Bill, it will this way. It will this way...

O'REILLY: At the midterm election.

BECK: It will if the people stand up.

O'REILLY: The people will.

BECK: And I agree with you on the people.

O'REILLY: OK. But anyway, Beck, give me those dollars you were throwing around. We'll give it to charity.

BECK: I'm telling you it's going to be — it's going to be carrots.

O'REILLY: All right. Carrot Beck, everybody. There he is.

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