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GLENN BECK, HOST: Earlier, I talked about a mosque being built near the World Trade Center. There's another building that has been proposed to be built next to the World Trade Center site. This establishment — like the World Trade Center mosque — also claims to promote integration, tolerance, community cohesion.

Here to explain is Greg Gutfeld, the host of the show "Red Eye" on the Fox News Channel — when your eyes would be red — and the author of "The Bible of Unspeakable Truths," which you have to read. It's laugh-out-loud funny. OK.

So, Greg —


BECK: Give me your proposal.

GUTFELD: Well, you know, I was thinking — I went on to their Web site, the Cordoba House website. It's a lovely website, and they talk about preaching tolerance and communication.

And I thought how interesting is it that they are preaching tolerance and communication to Americans? I thought, wouldn't it be great to test their tolerance?

So I figured let's open an Islam-friendly gay bar next door to the mosque. That is my proposal and I'm sticking by it.

I'm not a good businessman and I'm a terrible activist, but this might be the greatest idea I've ever had.

BECK: But you are very, very funny.

GUTFELD: So — am I joking, is what you're asking?

BECK: I mean — what I'm saying is — well, give me some of the names of the -

GUTFELD: Well, I like — I like Ji-Hot.

BECK: Ji-Hot?

GITFELD: Or Ji-Hunk. How about Infidelicious? Or Turban Cowboy?

BECK: Yes.

GUTFELD: You like Turban Cowboy?

BECK: My favorite?


BECK: Suspicious Packages.

GUTFELD: Yes. That's a nice one.


GUTFELD: Yes. Rama-Dam. Yes. There are other ones that I don't think I should mention.

BECK: You Mecca-Me-Hot?



BECK: So now, what would the — what would the — the idea again is you go in to "Suspicious Packages" —


BECK: Which is just — it's a gay bar.

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes, it is, next to a mosque.

BECK: Next to the World Trade Center mosque.

GUTFELD: Exactly. And there will be no alcohol there, Glenn, so you can come.

BECK: OK. Really?

GUTFELD: Because Muslims don't drink alcohol.

BECK: Yes. Neither do I.

GUTFELD: So the bar will have 72 virgin drinks.

BECK: Really?


BECK: Now, this is to teach what exactly? Tolerance —

GUTFELD: Tolerance and communication.

BECK: Right.

GUTFELD: You know, the way that New York is going to accept the mosque, the mosque should accept a gay bar. You see that?

BECK: Yes.

GUTFELD: The correlation —

BECK: Now, as someone who wouldn't want this gay bar built next to my church or, you know, a temple of mine, do you think it might be a little over the top?

GUTFELD: No. I think it has to be done, Glenn. It has to be done. And if I'm not the person to do it, somebody must do it.

BECK: Somebody must do it?

GUTFELD: But I have a lot of people that are interested in backing me for this. And I'm telling you, this is the greatest thing ever, because right now, I contacted the Cordoba House. I wrote them. I e-mailed them. They didn't respond. But I tweeted them and they tweeted me back.

BECK: And what did they say?

GUTFELD: They said, "You are free to open whatever you like. If you won't consider the sensibilities of Muslims, you are not going to build dialogue."


GUTFELD: Yes. And you know I love to build dialogue.

BECK: Sure. Especially — you do that at Grind Zeros.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

BECK: Check out Greg Gutfeld's show, "Red Eye," on the Fox News Channel. You're not serious?

GUTFELD: I'm deadly serious, Glenn.

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