'Glenn Beck': Bay State Seat Up for Grabs?

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ERIC BOLLING, GUEST HOST: First up, a new poll out today suggesting that the Senate seat in Massachusetts is up for grabs! What? In progressive Massachusetts, that's right. The poll shows Republican Scott Brown with the slight edge over Democrat Martha Coakley in the race to fill the late Ted Kennedy's seat.

Wait a minute, I mean the seat that belongs to the good people of Massachusetts. And the stakes couldn't be higher. Are you ready for this? The seat could be the different between the Democrats having the 60-vote supermajority and the GOP being able to filibuster health care reform.

Let's get right to it with Michelle Malkin. She's a syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor.

Michelle, you heard it. You heard the set-up. Boy, this seat means a lot, doesn't it?

MICHELLE MALKIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, yes. And the Democrats are in full freak-out mode now. Now, Robert Gibbs announced this afternoon that President Obama is going to be heading up to Massachusetts to try and salvage this very important seat for them. And I think it is obviously a sign of great desperation.

I've joked about Obama's reverse Midas touch, Eric. He has a — had a bad streak when it comes to trying to rescue things. He traveled across the pond to try and rescue the Olympics for Chicago, it didn't work out. He tried to do it for global warming in Copenhagen, it didn't work out.

And let's look domestically — three times, he campaigned for the loser Democrat, Governor Jon Corzine in New Jersey.

So, a lot of conservatives are probably hoping and praying and very glad that President Obama is going to be traveling up there.

BOLLING: Michelle, I was a little surprised. He announced that this afternoon, Major Garrett reporting around 1:00 in the afternoon, saying that he's going to travel on Sunday. That's on the heels of Bill Clinton. I guess he's going to spend Friday and Saturday there as well.
Let's put it this way. If he does travel there and if he does stump and campaign for Coakley and she loses, what does that say for health care?

MALKIN: Well, it is a lose-lose situation for this president, because, of course, the progressives are demanding that he'd go up there and try and rescue the health care effort. We know that they need this supermajority and we know that the clock is ticking. And this is really at the root of the freak-out.

It is January 15th now. If there are no shenanigans and in the incredible and miraculous likelihood or possibility that Scott Brown would win, he would be seated January 29th. That is not a lot of time for these Democrats to finish all of their backroom deals, wrap it up and ram it down our throats. And that is why they are in this full alarm.

BOLLING: Well, Michelle, there's been some speculation as to whether even if Scott Brown, the Republican, does win the seat, whether or not they were going to go ahead and try and delay his seating. Now, Barney Frank came out and mentioned today, I guess, he said that would be ridiculous. I think he said it would be the stupidest thing he's ever heard.

But, you know, could they make a case for, "Hey, we have to count all these absentee ballots, we're not sure where they are, and we have to make sure there's not 300 or 400 votes over there. Is that possible that they could actually delay a seating post-health care vote?

MALKIN: Well, we have to take everything that these Democrats say with a grain of salt. The secretary of state of Massachusetts said that they will maintain that 10-day period, that 10-day window that is the norm for counting overseas ballot, military ballots, making sure that there is no fraud, ha, ha, and certifying this election.

But, look, the culture of corruption has seeped into this entire process from the very beginning. Remember, right after Ted Kennedy passed away, they flipped the script, and they broke all the rules. It was the Democrats who had demanded this special election set-up for open seats. They did that when Kerry was running. Mitt Romney was governor, they wanted to rig the game then. So, they've done it all along. What's to stop them from doing it again? It's their second nature.

BOLLING: Michelle, it's — I think, it's been something like 38 years since a Republican or GOPeer has held a seat — a Senate seat in Massachusetts. What would that — I mean, is this — is this going to be, you know, the New York 23 version a couple of months later for the November 2nd vote, 2010, the big vote coming down? Mid-term elections?

MALKIN: Well, I'll tell you this, Eric. I think that there's something exquisitely poetic about this taking place in Massachusetts. After years worth of the burgeoning tea party movement, for it to happen in the home where the shot was heard around the world, this is an entirely new shot heard around the world. The fact is that — I mean, there are conservatives across the country who've united behind this candidate who promises to be the 41st vote to stop this Dem-care take over and to really send a huge message against the bribes, the payoffs, the backroom deals, the Chicago way on the Potomac.

And we — we understand, those of us who are to the right of Scott Brown, that he is not as conservative as many of us would like. It's Massachusetts. That's how things go. But when it comes to these core fiscal issues, you can — you can unite every stripe of conservative Republican and as we're seeing in all these polls, Eric, a massive amount of independents.

BOLLING: Michelle, we're running out of time. Two points — two points in this race that were kind of game-changers for me. Number one, when Scott Brown said, by the way, sir, that seat is the good seat — the seat of the good people of Massachusetts, not Ted Kennedy's vacated seat — number one.

And number two, when the reporter who's trying just to get a quote from Coakley got thrown down by one of her aides. You know, it seems like those were kind of momentous. Is that enough? Is that going to push Scott Brown to win this vote?

MALKIN: Well, I think that coupled with Martha Coakley's blunder- mania, her tongue, her listlessness and her sense of entitlement — all of this is a huge metaphor for what we've seen over the last year of Democrats taking their own base for granted and taking the American people's principles for granted.

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