We've all heard about the big companies giving a hand to victims of Sept. 11. But the "Mom and Pop" shops, that don't grab the headlines with six figure donations, are doing their part as well.

As a percentage of what they're taking out of their own pockets, many small businesses end up actually giving a little more. So how can they act all together?

1-800-Got-Junk, a relatively obscure junk removal company, is challenging small businesses into a gift giving revolution all their own through www.911legacy.com.

So far about 40 small businesses have joined in an international challenge to contribute all of their profits they make on September 11. The site directs the money to the fund chosen by the  small businesses -- be it the New York Firefighters Fund, or Catholic Charities, or the Salvation Army.  1-800-Got-Junk doesn't know how much they'll generate but so far word of mouth has meant they've signed up dozens - from a cigar sellers to software makers. 

"We just want to show that small businesses contribute too," says www.911legacy.com's Gerry Cotie. "We got hit and want to pay it back"

Small businesses get a little payback from the good deed -- the Web site also is a link to their home pages. And we did a 'scam' check for you - the site itself doesn't take in the cash - its just a way for businesses to get linked up to the right charities.