Give Us a Chance

Hi folks.

Once again, a busy breaking news day — one requiring us to dip in and out of 11th hour press conferences. We did try to bring you all the news, with a ribbon of entertainment sewn throughout the hour. This tends to raise the ire of some of our viewers — those who think we should not include any lighthearted stories or humor into the program. Yes, “DaySide” with Mike and Juliet is quite a departure from the previous incarnation. We're not going to please everyone, but we do hope you give us a chance!

Here's what you had to say Tuesday regarding the indictment of three terror suspects:

"How on earth can you give credit to the so-called 'Patriot' Act for catching terrorists in Ohio when it's perfectly OBVIOUS that the police were TIPPED OFF to the cell by ‘Trainer’? They didn't find out about the terrorists on their own, using all their wonderful, privacy-destroying geeky technology — somebody called them up on the phone and TOLD them about it!
NO ‘special executive powers’ would have been needed to pursue this, any sitting judge in his right mind would have issued a LEGAL subpoena for whatever the government wanted, withOUT the government having had to use any Sect. 215 FISA warrants, NSL's or flaky NSA wiretaps!
Of COURSE the government's going to claim credit for this with the Patriot Act reauthorization hanging in the balance — the only question here is: Is everyone going to be GULLIBLE enough to fall for the government ‘spin’?
God, people — wake up and smell the coffee burning, would you? It's being brewed using the tatter of your Constitution and Bill of Rights!"
Steven P. Yevchak,
Sr. Rock Hill, South Carolina

Regarding Monday's blog on pre-emption...

"Why don't you pass along all of your fan's e-mails about this subject? We would rather see the two of you than a boring press conference any day. Why can't press conferences be summed up anyway? Most average viewers leave or change the channels when they are on. The press conferences are for you, the reporters, not us.
If you have to have the conferences, then move the show to a different time. Your show is a delight and it is annoying to have it constantly taken off the air so we can look at one random press conference or another."
Stephanie Phillips
Champaign, IL

Consider it passed along, Steph!

On "Vivi" the missing whippet:

“I watch your show at work each day since we have all major cable news networks on throughout the day. I just wanted to comment on Tuesday's doggy psychic story. Shame on you for laughing at your guest and then covering it up with a lame cough. LOL. Just kidding, I thought it was brilliant. I was laughing to begin with, but openly laughed out loud when you started to lose it, and ‘coughed.’
Thanks for being there each day for us, and making us laugh too.

OK, for once and for all — Mike and I are NOT laughing at the fact that there is a missing whippet. It's very sad and we're trying to give the case a little publicity in hopes someone will find the lost animal. BUT, we are trying to keep things in perspective by keeping a sense of humor. I haven't seen this whippet's picture on many of the other cable networks. Give us a break and please, those of you who are so angry with us — lighten up a little!

And I mean that with all due respect!


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