My family and I just went through the move from Hell. The whole process was riddled with frustration, stupidity, and terrible customer service. And now that we are in our new, wonderful home…the angst continues.

Our cell phone coverage has gone from barely adequate to non-existent. It is so bad that all of our calls go straight to voice mail. We have to walk out of our house and into an empty field to get even ONE bar of signal strength.

We did not move to Mount Everest . Hundreds of families are moving into this booming community. Many have already lived here for YEARS. There is NO excuse to not have the area blanketed with cell coverage.

So what does the cell phone provider tell me? That the MAP shows we have great service! That the MAP shows we have great signal strength. Excuse me, but I don’t care what the stinking map says…we get NOTHING. Nothing but a mountain of dropped call and missed call carcasses.

Then I needed to call AAA because my car battery died.

When I complained AGAIN to the provider…the customer service agent got testy with me and told me to “let her finish and not interrupt”. Oh man, did I go crazy on her THEN.

“No, YOU don’t interrupt ME. I am the reason you have this job. I am the person who is paying your wages. You don’t talk to me like that. You talk to your customers with RESPECT. I have been a loyal, paying customer for several years.”


Um…excuse me?? Did she just HANG UP on me?!?! She did. I was LIVID. I called RIGHT back and reported her unbelievably rude and unacceptable behavior. The next agent was much nicer and promised me that she would report the other employee’s misconduct. They can play her back on the recorded call and hear for themselves.

Oh, did I mention that we have no service on our HOME telephone, either? Yep. Looks like the phone company not only didn’t install our phone line when they ensured us they would, they aren’t even bothering to call us BACK to EXPLAIN or RESCHEDULE. They just aren’t calling us back for some mysterious and infuriating reason.

I feel like Bruce Willis in THE SIXTH SENSE…I keep talking but people act like I’m not even there. Maybe I am starring in the sequel and nobody told me.

I am now convinced that we will make contact with intelligent extra terrestrial life before I get a signal from my home or a call back from the phone company. Oh wait…I think I see the mothership now.