Giuliani and McCain Silence Anti-Bush Media

Some big mo for President Bush.

With powerful speeches by Rudy Giuliani (search), John McCain (search), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (search), Mr. Bush finally has some wind at his back. Even the anti-Bush media was silent after the Giuliani and McCain explanations of the Iraq War. And it's safe to say that so far, the Republican convention has been a major boost for the president.

World events have also helped him. By painting himself as an unrelenting warrior against worldwide terror, Mr. Bush has put himself on the side of the angels. How can a responsible person bash Bush when Iraqi terrorists slaughtered 12 waiters from Nepal? I mean, murdering poor men, who are just trying to make a living, for what purpose, other than the joy of killing?

And then there are the Chechen terrorists who take little kids hostage and blow up civilian airliners. For what purpose? Putin isn't going to change his policy. And the children had nothing to do with it.

Even France is now under assault, as Islamic fascists demand that country rescind its ban on headscarves and public schools, and threaten to kill French people if it doesn't happen.

According to The New York Times, many French citizens are shocked the terrorists have turned on them since France has been so reluctant to fight the Islamic fascists.

And then there are the anti-Bush protesters here in New York City. While most of these people have been peaceful, more than 1,000 have been arrested. And surveys show many protesters are simply loons, calling for the destruction of the American system, calling for retreat in the face of terrorism.

Here's a bulletin for you Bush haters: These protesters are not helping John Kerry. Most Americans loathe their beliefs and resent their presentation in a time of war.

As "Talking Points" predicted many months ago, the far left in America and the vicious Islamic fanatics abroad are actually helping President Bush retain his power. Next week I predict you will see a significant bump in the polls for Mr. Bush. And it will have little to do with anybody's words.

It's all about the actions of those in the spotlight. And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Our pal Michael Moore (search) has had enough. He is signaling no mas, and will not return to the Republican Convention here at Madison Square Garden. Now, last night, Moore was mocked by John McCain (search) and jeered by the crowd, so he got a dose of his own medicine, didn't he?

USA Today, the newspaper, has hired Moore to write about the Republican Convention, and Editor Ken Paulsen said, "We had hoped to put Moore in a place where he would not disrupt anything." What place is that, Mr. Paulsen? The Arctic Circle? Ridiculous? You bet.

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