Gisele Bundchen Says Tom Brady Is 'Very Naive, Almost Like a Child'

Note to NFL linebackers: Gisele Bundchen gives some insight into the psyche of the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots that you may find useful as you try to take his head off next year.

In the cover story of Harper Bazaar's April issue, Bundchen says Tom Brady, her new husband, is "very naive, almost like a child."

So maybe keep a few lollipops under your shoulderpads.

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"One thing that I thought was so amazing when I first met him is that he is innocent," she adds. "He sees the world with colored glasses. He's very strong and focused in his job, but he's so sensitive."

So maybe try humming a few bars of the new Miley Cyrus single. If Brady is reduced to tears, he won't be able to see downfield.

Bundchen also reveals how she became a model in the wide-ranging interview.

Spotted by an agent at age 13 when she "looked like a mosquito," Bundchen was one of the most sought-after runway models just a year later. "Maybe if my family had been wealthy, I wouldn't have done it, but because they weren't, I decided to go," she says. "I thought I could take care of myself and it would be one less child for them to worry about."

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