Hey all you girlie men, it's time to rally around the free speech rights of the governor of California.

Doesn't this one just make you laugh so hard it hurts?

Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) was caricatured on "Saturday Night Live" some 20 years ago by "Hans" and "Franz," whose slogan was "We want to pump you up."

They favored jokes about "girlie men," as a method of producing a galvanizing reaction among the fat, lazy, couch potatoes they were trying to motivate.

So all these years later, Gov. Schwarzenegger uses the joke to motivate his political opponents and what happens?

The girlie men take him seriously. They get all insulted.

Well, OK... they're probably not girlie men — whatever that is — but they are sounding more like girlie men in their reaction to being called girlie men.

I mean really... if you're being called out for a fight, do you really go screeching to the newspapers that your opponent is a misogynistic homophobe? And nasty and brutish to boot?

I mean really... isn't that the very definition of a girlie man?

OK... I'll take this seriously, I promise.

The governor has obviously not fully understood the importance of civilized public debate between elected officials who do not always agree, but who must — in the interests of the people — find ways to constructively engage on topics of importance to their constituents.

Is that better?


That's no fun at all... much better to have a public pie fight between high-placed politicians with one side calling the other girlie men and the other side firing back with... well, with what?

Hey, he called you a girlie man... what have you got to say about that?

Huh? The public wants to know.

That's My Word.

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