An 8-year-old girl suffering from a rare condition survives on a diet of tomato soup, Spaghetti O’s and dark chocolate mints because many other foods could kill her, The Argus reported.

Lara Williams-Lourenco of Croshaw Close, Lancing in England, has methylmalonic academia (MMA), which means that whenever she eats protein, her body turns it into a poison that can damage her organs and ultimately kill her.

Lara was 4 days old when she fell into a coma after consuming her mother’s breast milk, which contained protein. Now, Lara eats her essential nutrients through a gastric tube.

"Long term problems mean the high levels of acid can affect developmental delay, because of muscle weakness and damage to the kidneys,” said Professor Stephanie Grunewald, Lara’s metabolic consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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