Filming has resumed on a "Gilligan's Island" (search) reality show after the Gulf of Mexico island where it is being shot was evacuated for Hurricane Ivan last week.

The Atlanta-based cable network TBS said "The Real Gilligan's Island" — based on the '60s comedy that starred Bob Denver — will premiere as scheduled on Nov. 30.

TBS spokeswoman Michelle Sisco said this week that no one was injured by the hurricane and that the cast and crew had been evacuated Sept. 16 as a precaution. The location of the reality show hasn't been revealed.

"The Real Gilligan's Island" will feature seven castaways (search): a real-life skipper, a first mate, a millionaire couple, a movie star, a professor and an innocent farm girl. The show will pit them against the elements to see if they can devise a way to get off the island.