Gigli , Last Comic Standing and Anna Nicole Smith

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Ben and Jen's script change, The funniest man on Last Comic Standing and Anna Nicole's Emmy nod in the Foxlight.

That upcoming Ben and Jen movie Gigli that's actually pronounced 'Gee-lee' has had a sex change -- sort of. Reports now say that the entire storyline that had J-Lo as a lesbian -- until she meets Ben's character -- has been dropped. Those scenes have been missing from all the trailers and TV spots prompting some to ask 'What happened?'

I don't know if anyone is watching Last Comic Standing but the Dave guy from Minnesota is the funniest. Is he still on? He should have a show with the fat guy as the goofy neighbor who has no idea he's overweight.

The New York Post says Ashton Kutcher was dancing on a table by himself at a club in L.A. recently. Demi Moore nowhere in sight. Was he 'Punking' someone? Lets hope so. Otherwise, Ashton, call The Foxlight. We need to talk.

Finally, Anna Nicole Smith getting an Emmy nomination? For best drug induced performance? No, actually it's the show that got one and it's for the animated opening title sequence. The only thing animated on the show -- except for the dog.