Getting Unlucky in Kentucky

Somebody was getting lucky in Kentucky, and they didn’t even know it.

Someday, somewhere, that lucky someone will come to a horrible realization that he or she has, in fact, been forsaken by fate: The person unwittingly let a winning Powerball ticket worth $853,492 expire, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

The unlucky duck might take solace knowing that his or her colossal loss is, in fact, only the second largest unclaimed prize in state history, losing the crown of shame to a $1.2 million lotto ticket that never found its way to redemption in 1991.

At least this isn’t a comically sad story for everyone involved — the BP gas station in Hebron, Ky., where the ticket was sold and the state school fund received their fair share of the winnings anyway.

David Thompson, a Powerball player, said he and his colleagues checked all their tickets purchased at the lucky gas station but found only $3 winners.

"We can't believe some idiot has $800,000 and doesn't know it," Thompson told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "Those are the people who always win it."

Fruitcake: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — Lance Nesta did what many people do when receiving a fruitcake — he set it aside, only to rediscover it more than 40 years later in his mother's attic. Nesta couldn't resist taking a peek at the cake, still in its original tin and wrapped in paper.

"I was amazed that it hadn't changed at all," he said.

Nesta's two aunts sent him the fruitcake in November 1962 while he was stationed in Alaska with the Army.

"I opened it up and didn't know what to do with it," Nesta said. "I sure wasn't going to eat it, and I liked my fellow soldiers too much to share it with them."

As best he can remember, he packed the cake with the rest of his belongings and shipped it home to Waukesha when he left the military a few years later. He recently rediscovered the boxed fruitcake in the attic of his mother's home in Waukesha.

His mom had given him advance warning of the fruitcake back in 1962.

"She knew I hated the damn things, but she said she didn't have the heart to tell my aunts, who had already mailed it," he said.

The cake arrived wrapped in brown paper with a red "fragile, handle with care" sticker on it. The cake itself was contained in a round blue tin printed with the words "Old Fashioned Fruitcake."

"Now it's just old," Nesta said.

While looking at the cake's container this week, he noticed the listed ingredients included rum and brandy.

"If I had known back then that it had rum and brandy in it, I would have eaten it," he said.

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This Must Be Why Guys Never Ask for Directions

COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) — A Columbus man asked for directions early Monday, but the two pedestrians from whom he sought help stole his car instead.

Keith Stroman, 21, told Columbus police he stopped his 1995 Chevrolet Camaro at an intersection on the south side of town around 2:50 a.m. to ask two men for directions. Instead of answering his question, one of the men pulled a silver gun and ordered Stroman out of his car.

The carjackers got into the Camaro, valued at $4,000, and drove away, police said. Stroman was not injured.

She's a Royal Pain in the Pocketbook

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — An American woman who posed as a Saudi Arabian princess plans to return to her home state of New York after getting in trouble with the law again, her attorney said.

Antoinette Millard, 42, was arrested on a fugitive from justice warrant out of New York while shopping at a Jacksonville mall. She left the Duval County jail after an extradition hearing Monday.

Her attorney, Gregory Reid, told The Florida Times-Union that his client has done nothing wrong and will cooperate fully with law enforcement.

"She intends to return to New York and straighten out the situation," Reid said.

Millard was arrested last week after security officials at the mall became suspicious, claiming she was buying and returning expensive jewelry.

Reid said Millard's purchases were legitimate and blamed the arrest on an "overzealous" employee. He believes the New York warrant was wrongfully sought based on an assumption that Millard had violated the conditions of her prior case.

Millard pleaded guilty to second-degree insurance fraud and second-degree grand larceny in New York last year. The charges stemmed from her attempt to steal $262,000 from an insurance company by falsely reporting that her jewelry had been stolen.

While pretending to be a Saudi princess, Millard sold the jewelry and tried to collect insurance on it, prosecutors said.

She had run up hundreds of thousands of dollars in charges on her American Express black card in December 2003 and never paid the bills, prosecutors said at the time.

She had been sentenced to a year of inpatient psychiatric confinement and was serving a portion of it in Florida.

A spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office told the newspaper that the current warrant is active and authorities expect Millard back in New York by the week's end.

You Know You've Finally Made It Big When ...

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP Business Wire) —, one of the largest sports betting sites on the Internet, posted odds on Wednesday for sports fans to bet on which member of the Dallas Cowboys players and staff, if any, will be the first involved in a verbal/physical confrontation with Terrell Owens during the 2006 NFL season.

Cynicism and skepticism from various football fans and sports media surround Terrell Owens' ability to get through the 2006 season without a face-to-face disagreement.

Should there be an altercation, favors Drew Bledsoe heavily, while head coach Bill Parcells and owner Jerry Jones follow.

" gives bettors the most opportunities to predict outcomes of the top controversies in the sports world," said Dave Johnson, CEO of

"Sports fans, more than any other group, get into heated discussions about players, games and teams, sometimes even betting with their friends or co-workers," he added. "We want to be where the action is, and our sports bets reflect that."

The outcome is determined by the first verbal and/or physical confrontation reported by between Owens and another person. A confrontation is defined as a face-to-face hostile disagreement.

If Owens is not involved in any type of confrontation with any of the players listed this season all bets are deemed no action and wagers are cancelled.

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