We brought her in from the cold — literally — and enjoyed having Alisyn Camerota for the entire show on Thursday as she filled in for E.D.

Alyson shocked many by showing up at the mouth of the Brooklyn Bridge with a double-decker tour bus and today we sent a fully-enclosed tour bus to 96th Street, to ferry New Yorkers to work in the midst of this paralyzing transit strike. I know most of you are outside New York, but unions affect many of us and how this turns out could effect how your city handles the same situation next. I just know the unions hope of retiring at 55 with a full pension is a thought not many of us can relate to — hope for, perhaps; experience, probably not.

We loved having Ron Silver on and let me tell you, he would be a great guest host. The guy is passionate about politics and knows his stuff. Actually, forget that! He'd probably be better than me and I'd lose a job. So Ron, forget it — which, by the way, is what he told me when I asked him to stay and dance with Alisyn. It turns out that he is a great dancer and did so on Broadway. Why would I ask Ron to dance — so to speak? A new study is now out that says women like guys who can dance. Good dancers have better breath, hygiene and get sick less. If this is true, I'm dead because let me tell ya, I'm the worst there is. But I don't mind — plus, I'm off the market.

A special salute to New Jersey Governor Richard Codey for installing random steroid testing for high school sports in New Jersey. There is so much pressure for these kids (see "Friday Night Lights") and it all stands to reason that these kids would be tempted to take a performance enhancer. I hope other states follow suit, because not only can steroids kill you, but it's cheating.

In case you missed Wednesday's show, we called PFC Joshua Sparling at Walter Reed. He was the wounded solider who was welcomed by protesters when he was walked in on a stretcher and got a cruel hate mail card once he got to his bedside. Well, he joined us to thank you for all your wishes cards and gifts. He got over 10 notes, thanks to our viewers and Michelle Malkin's bloggers.

Hope you are done with your Christmas shopping and you were able to have some fun doing so for a change. Congratulations to our own Tiki Barber for making the NFL's Pro Bowl and we'll be sure to talk about his Giants and 'Skins on Tuesday after Christmas.

Steve is off next week — E.D. will be back — and thank you for always being there for us, day in and out.

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Have a happy and safe holiday!


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