Getting It Right

You know, we love to knock weather people in this country for getting it wrong a lot of the times. Allow me to speak up for them when they get it right — like "this" time.

To a man and woman, they warned that a big one was barreling down on the Midwest and Northeast this past weekend. Forecasts of a foot of snow or more — stop me if I had heard this one before.

So I was skeptical. I was doubtful. I was ... wrong. And they were right.

Led by our own Janice Dean (search) and Steve Doocy (search), the weather guys got it right.

No snow job. Just doing their job. So we could do our job.

People had time to plan things — salt and sand they would use. Shovels they would need. Grocery stores they would storm. The weather guys said time's a wastin', so we didn't waste any time.

Sure, they miss a big one now and then. But this time we were ready, because they were warning.

I don't know — we dump on them for missing the big ones, I just think it's time we applaud them for getting "this" one.

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