So Barack Obama is putting together a stimulus package involving $300 billion in tax cuts — which aren't really tax cuts, they're credits. But so what? The messiah says they're cuts. Which leads to a simple question: Why is a bona fide liberal embracing something rooted in conservative dogma?

Because it works.

Meaning, if an economy is in trouble, tax cuts get it out of trouble. But this leads me to wonder: If tax cuts mend injured economies, why aren't they used to keep the economy healthy all the time? Call it preventive medicine — like a rectal exam, but less fun.

More important, why is it that when liberals want things to actually work, they start acting like conservatives? It means that liberal policies can only exist if the country is strong enough to sustain the damage done by liberal policies. It's why Harry Reid now thinks the surge was not only a great idea, but his idea. His earlier, more liberal idea — the opposite of the surge — would have humiliated us.

Which is why Obama is calling them tax cuts instead of tax rebates. A rebate takes your tax money and gives it to someone else, otherwise known as "wealth redistribution." That sounds too liberal though — better call it tax cuts!

Which I get.

With a bad economy, trouble in Gaza and terrorists bent on terrorizing, it's hard for a liberal to be liberal. That's sound thinking — something that Obama might "cling" to when his legacy, as opposed to his popularity, is at stake.

And if you disagree with it, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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