Police raided an Islamic school on Monday seizing computer hard-drives and discs looking for evidence of violent films, including a beheading, that a young girl said were shown to her and other children to incite hatred toward non-Muslims, authorities said.

Some 120 officers raided the Taqwa Mosque (search)'s Islamic school on Sunday after the 9-year-old told her public school teacher she and other children were shown violent videos calling for a "holy war against unbelievers," Frankfurt prosecutor's spokeswoman Doris Mueller-Scheu said.

Mosque director Ahmed Ayaou called the raid an insult, and said he did not know who the girl was or what she was talking about.

"This was very surprising — it fell upon us like a blow," he said. "Our association accepts and respects German law. We are well known in Frankfurt (search), and we live with everyone peacefully."

He criticized police for coming in to the mosque with weapons and not taking their shoes off as they searched the building.

Some 340 Moroccan families attend the mosque, which is located near the city's main train station.

Sifting through the confiscated data, which included 19 computers, could take several weeks, because of the need to translate it from Arabic, Mueller-Scheu said.

Ayaou said the items seized are only "harmless recordings of meetings and events."