German Man Lives at Brazilian Airport After Being Dumped

He went to Brazil to be with a woman he met on the Internet. But it didn't work out.

So a German man has been camping out for more than a month in an airport, after thieves took all of his money and possessions.

News of the unplanned layover comes a week after another German man finally went home. He'd been living in a separate Brazilian airport.

According to airport officials, the man who's living in the airport in the coastal resort city of Natal has been there since late December. They say he had been robbed while looking for a hotel, after his one-week relationship with a Brazilian woman ended.

The man, Klaus Gutschmidt, spends his time wandering the airport, and he sleeps on flattened cardboard on the floor. Food court workers pool their money to buy him meals.

His stay will soon come to an end. A German diplomat says friends and relatives have donated money for a return ticket, and he'll be heading home next week.