Georgia Student Surrenders After Bomb Threat Evacuates High School

A student surrendered Wednesday morning more than two hours after he walked into a high school in northeast Georgia and claimed he was carrying a bomb, causing the school to be evacuated.

The male student surrendered about 11 a.m., authorities said. No injuries were reported.

Assistant School Superintendent Keith Everson confirmed the student was taken into custody, but had no immediate details about the student or what led him to make the threat. Everson said the student appears to be about 15, but he had not confirmed his age.

About 1,700 students were evacuated from Jackson County Comprehensive High School during the incident.

The student arrived at the office about 8:30 a.m. "carrying a device on the front of him that he claimed to be a bomb," Everson said.

Everson said officials had not immediately determined if the device is a bomb, but have been treating it as though it is.

A bomb disposal team from the University of Georgia alon with officers from other agencies negotiated with the student and helped in the case.

Everson said some students were moved to the Jefferson Civic Center because of the weather, and said all the students were being supervised and were safe. He said some parents were frustrated that their children were not allowed to use cell phones to contact them.

But Everson said cell phones can detonate bombs, and calls were being limited as a precaution.

Roads in the area immediately around the school were closed. The school is in Jefferson, 52 miles northeast of Atlanta, just south of Interstate 85.