Georgia Police Union: White Officers Were Kept From Promotions

A former DeKalb County Assistant Police Chief is coming under more criticism after being accused of delaying the promotions of white officers on the force.

Police union officials released an audio recording Thursday purportedly containing the voice of R.P. Flemister, who is black.

On the tape, Flemister is heard asking someone: "Have you ever thought about why I ain't promoted them nine on the list right now ... because seven of them are white."

This latest recording is another black eye for the troubled police department.

DeKalb County Police Chief Louis Graham resigned last week after a fired officer released another audio recording of a profanity-laced conversation between Graham and Flemister. Flemister later announced his retirement.

Meanwhile, county commissioner Elaine Boyer held a news conference Thursday to criticize her fellow commissioners for issuing a weak statement about turmoil at the police department.

"When a white employee or a black employee places color first it is absolutely wrong," Boyer said. "Others who are elected to lead our county must speak out to stop this. They have a moral obligation to."