Georgia Legislator Reports Psychic Contact With Chandra Levy

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During a morning devotional message, a Georgia state legislator told her House colleagues that she can communicate with the dead and has been "visited" by missing intern Chandra Levy.

Rep. Dorothy B. Pelote told fellow lawmakers that she has psychic abilities.

"The last person who visited me was — I don't know if I need to call her name," the Savannah Democrat said from the speaker's rostrum. "Maybe I should not, because it's a controversial death now. She's missing. You know who I'm talking about. She has visited me. She has."

Pelote did not mention Levy's name on the House floor but confirmed later to The Macon Telegraph that she was referring to the 24-year-old California woman who has been missing since April 30.

Pelote, a former teacher elected in 1992, told lawmakers her psychic experiences began after she nearly drowned as a child. She had a vision of a bright fireball in the sky and later began having visions of dead people, she said.

"And the older I get, the stronger it becomes," Pelote said.