George Galloway Got Away Scot-Free

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British member of Parliament George Galloway (search) came to the U.S. Senate Tuesday to indict President Bush and every other member of the administration who led the Iraq war.

Galloway is a loudmouthed Scot who has a troublesome resemblance in his voice to Sean Connery. Listening to him lambaste the Iraq war is a little like getting chewed out by 007 — not that great an experience.

Galloway is articulate, forceful, eloquent — a true Scot in his command of the language of the hated English — and completely and totally wrong.

What's so unusual about that? Most of the Brits who oppose the war are completely and totally wrong. A few are just wrong. It's a matter of degree.

But Galloway is a rhetorical thug and if you're going to go up against him, you better bring your best stuff.

So where was Senator Norm Coleman (search) today?

Coleman was physically present, chairing the committee that brought Galloway in to grill him about evidence Galloway got oil vouchers from Saddam in exchange for Galloway's support of Saddam.

One thing for sure, you sure don't have to pay Galloway to support Saddam. He did it when there was no money involved. He might have taken some this time around for favors already delivered, but Saddam would have been wasting his money. Galloway doesn't have to be bought to be in the bag for the "Butcher of Baghdad." He's been there for years.

He's very pro-Palestinian, pro-Arab, anti-Israel, anti-America and despises George W. Bush. He hates me and you both if we're American and proud of it.

Galloway might have taken the money. Who knows? What I do know is that if you're going to bring Galloway in for the grilling, be sure to bring the grill, be sure to have plenty of propane in the tank and do the darn grilling.

Galloway got away scot-free here. Coleman meekly sat there and got chewed out.

To hell with the decorum of the U.S. Senate, Norm! Kindly yell at the guy! He's sitting there bloviating like the Saddam propagandist he is. Go get him! Or call his wife. She left him — despite his sympathies for the Palestinians — because he was cheating on her, she says.

Geez, do something, Norm. This was weak.

That's My Word.

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