George Clooney, Harry Potter and Victoria's Secret in the catwalk glow of The Foxlight.

Since the U.S. troops in Turkey can't go to the movies, the movies are coming to them or at least one is.

George Clooney says there will be an Ocean's Eleven premiere specifically for the troops. He says on Dec. 5, the night of the L.A. premiere, "We're going to fly to Turkey and do the world premiere" for the troops. Clooney says, "We all want to be there doing something." He jokingly adds, "We'll drop Julia Roberts over an aircraft carrier." I don't think even Bill O'Reilly can find something to hate about this idea.

Now that it looks almost unstoppable, how long can Daniel Radcliffe be Harry Potter. He's not Bart Simpson he's going to age. So unless the series wants to try to be another Beverly Hills 90210 with Radcliffe playing the part until he's well into his thirties, they're going to have to recast this kid every few movies. Because, yes, there are going to seven. So far he's on board for the next one.

Finally, the FCC wants to probe Victoria's Secret for that recent fashion show. Call me as a "material" witness. I've been probing those catalogs for years.