A quick trip around Hannity's America...

On the Attack

In a special Day 50 edition of Hannity's America, big news from the Treasury Department, home of tax cheat Timothy Geithner.

Geithner told the Senate Finance Committee that the U.S. government will undertake an ambitious new program to crack down on international tax dodgers. I'm not kidding! The plan will include a series of rules and regulations that will prevent American companies from sheltering their foreign earnings from U.S. taxes:


TREASURY SECRETARY TIM GEITHNER: This budget also seeks to close the tax gap by tackling tax shelters and other efforts to abuse our tax laws, including on the international front. Over the next several months, the president will propose a series of legislative and enforcement actions to reduce tax avoidance.


I'm glad President Obama picked somebody with so much credibility on the tax issue to launch this very important program.

Man on Fire

Now everyone knows you shouldn't yell fire in a crowded theater. Well, as far as Robert Gibbs is concerned, that same rule doesn't apply to the White House briefing room. A ranting Robert is the subject of Tuesday's Liberal Translation treatment:


ROBERT GIBBS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRTARY: Your analogy about the house is on fire. Which room are you going to put out first? Or are you going to call the fire department and ask them to put all of it out? Or are you going to say you know what? We love the living room. Start over there.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I should use analogies all the time. They save me from having to use facts.

GIBBS: And if you can get quickly to the kitchen and next to the den. We could do that. Maybe by the time they get to the kitchen and the den, the whole house is in ashes.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: If you think I am done with this analogy, think again.

GIBBS: Instead of asking the fire department to pick different rooms in which to extinguish...

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Biden would love this!

GIBBS: ... the president has decided to alert the fire department and everyone involved that we have a responsibility to move this country forward, address the long-term problems and the short-term problems in order to create jobs for the future.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: You bring the questions, I'll bring the crazy. Gibbs out!


Another awesome performance by the White House press secretary.

It's "Smart" Power

Our Great Moment in Liberal Foreign Policy is brought to you by our esteemed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On her inaugural trip as secretary of state, she downplayed the widespread abuse of human rights in China, saying those issues can't interfere with efforts to address important issues facing the world like global warming.

She went on to further downplay the importance of human rights issues last week in the Middle East. During an interview with Al Arabiya television, Secretary Clinton was asked about a human rights report her department issued criticizing Egypt, and how did she wiggle her way out of that question? By equating the human rights record of Egypt to that of the United States, saying, "We issue these reports on every country... and we hope that it will be taken in the spirit in which it is offered, that we all have room for improvement."

Madam Secretary, who is this "we" you are referring to? I think it may be you that has some room for improvement.

Communist Couture

It seems the Obama era has also ushered in a new era in fashion. The Adidas company recently introduced a Marx A-Flex cap, featuring the communist hammer and sickle. The company isn't shy about telling you what the hat commemorates, either! The National Review's Jay Nordlinger notes that, until recently, the company's site encouraged buyers to "show your love for the former USSR during training time in this Adidas Marx A-Flex Russia cap, featuring a... deep pre-curved brim, an always cool sweatband to wick away the moisture and a hammer and sickle graphic."

Welcome to the Obama era, folks. We would direct all our socialist viewers to the Adidas Web site to buy this lovely hat, but they're sold out! We called Adidas to get its take, but the folks there never returned our call.

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